Why choose BMC?

Why study at Bradford Muslim College? Here’s 10 reasons:


1. We offer an unparalleled, exemplary learning experience

A well organised, professionally run course. Our course directors and admin team will ensure that you have a smooth start and a great experience throughout your studies at Bradford Muslim College.


2. We have a classical syllabus

Our lecturers have work hard to ensure that our courses are grounded in the traditions of our forefathers. All of the materials and subjects you study will have a chain of reference going back to the great companions, teachers and imams of the religion.


3. We offer a warm welcome

You’ll get a warm welcome from all our staff. Speak to anybody who has studied at Bradford Muslim College and they will tell you that within a couple of weeks it feels like you are at home! Our team are here to help you get the most out of your course, whether you need help choosing the right course, need help with your studies once you’ve enrolled or need support with anything else– we’re all happy to help.


4. We ensure all of our teaching is contextualised

Knowledge without context lacks purpose and is inaccurate. That’s why our syllabus has been designed so that we prioritise content which is needed for the day and age that we live in. We also go to great lengths to ensure that contemporary issues are discussed and addressed throughout the year.


5. We ensure you receive high quality teaching from experts in their field

All of our teachers are extremely experienced and highly competent. They have been teaching for a number years and come from a variety of cultures and backgrounds. This creates a rich, well rounded experience for our students when they study at Bradford Muslim College.


6. We provide detailed notes, authentic well referenced knowledge

All the modules that you study will come with appropriate materials. This may be notes that have been prepared by our teachers or books written by subject experts. This means our students always have something to refer back to when revising and reflecting on their learning.


7. We have created a comfortable, modern environment

It’s not just about what you study, but where you study it. We have gone to great lengths to ensure that our building and our classrooms are as comfortable as possible for students. Our lecture suite has a fully integrated audio system so that you never miss a word. Our reception boasts a great hot drinks machine so that you can get your coffee fix during breaks!


8. We offer great value for money

We offer excellent value on our courses. We try to keep fees as low as possible so that our courses are as accessible as possible for all students. We also have a scholarship programme for eligible students on our alimiyyah programme.


9. We take feedback seriously

We listen to our students and use feedback to improve the college experience. All of our courses have been refined and developed since the College was founded in 2015 so that we offer the very best experience to our students.


10. We offer convenient timings

Our courses run on evenings and at weekends so they’re really convenient – you can fit learning around family and work commitments.