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Welcome to our blog

We warmly welcome you to our very first blog post at Bradford Muslim College.

Our college was set up to provide ordinary Muslims with the opportunity to develop their religious and spiritual understanding and day to day practice. The College is run by a small but dedicated team of staff and our mission is to provide our students with an exemplary learning experience, in a comfortable and modern environment. We aim to do this in a number of ways, firstly, by employing the very best teachers so that you receive outstanding scholarship, secondly, by offering a classical syllabus so that you can be confident that the knowledge you gain is authentic and well referenced and finally, by making sure that all the notes and information you are provided with is contextualised to the time and place that we are living in so that you can take this knowledge and apply it easily and confidently at home, work and in society. We look forward to welcoming you and supporting you to succeed on this sacred journey.

Hamza Khan


Bradford Muslim College