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Is it permissible to shake hands with the opposite gender, for business reasons, without any wrong intentions?

It is strictly impermissible, according to Islamic Law. Muslim men cannot shake hands with non-mahram women, and Muslim women cannot shake hands with non-mahram men. Their religion is irrelevant. The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) said: ‘Indeed, I do not shake hands with women…’ [Sunan Nasā’i – 4187] You cited business reasons with no wrong intentions,

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Uniqueness of God and His Attributes

By Fazilat Rashid, Year 2 alimiyyah student, Bradford Muslim College Aqeedah comes from the word عقد meaning an object which ties together, or a necklace of diamonds. The pearls of Aqeedah are tied to your heart to ensure they stay there. It is also therefore referred to as a knot which holds everything together, i.e. your beliefs.

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Fate is of 3 Types: Mubram-e-Haqeeqi – Inevitable fate Mu’alaq Mahz – Pending in the books of the angels and can* be changed. Mu’alaq Shabi Ba Mubram – This situation can be changed by Duās of man and is not pending in the books of the angels. Everything that has been created has been created

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Should i follow a madhab?

Yes, it is religiously necessary to follow one of the four schools of law. Although they didn’t exist in the framework we know today, very early in Islamic history, their existence can be traced back to the time of the companions. Indeed, many of the most famous differences between the mujtahid imams were actually the

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Welcome to our blog

We warmly welcome you to our very first blog post at Bradford Muslim College. Our college was set up to provide ordinary Muslims with the opportunity to develop their religious and spiritual understanding and day to day practice. The College is run by a small but dedicated team of staff and our mission is to provide

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